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We offer a full range of services in all areas drainage, utilities and groundworks. Read more about our services below.

CCTV Surveys

On occasion a drainage system may not be working as well as it should or there may be a blockage that has gone undetected. The cause of this can include anything from cracked or broken pipes to root ingress, problems which are difficult to avoid. A camera survey however will diagnose the problem, preventing any further damage and enables an engineer to put an action plan in place to solve the issue.

At MDS we offer a fully comprehensive CCTV survey using our state-of-the-art equipment and high specification digital technology which combines the use of both our WINCAN and MINA software.

Our camera inspections act as our eyes underground, easily offering an accurate picture of the cause of the issue and where in the drain it is with minimal disruption to you our customer.

MDS will then provide you with your own digital copy of your property survey giving you the reassurance that any and all diagnosed issues have been completely repaired and/or resolved. You can then retain this copy to aid n any future sales of your property or for any insurance claim as evidence.

MDS also offer camera surveys as a stand-alone service to give you piece of mind when you come to buy or sell any property, a survey which is quickly becoming an essential in todays' property market.

Rodding and Hydro jetting

All our vans carry rodding equipment and are fitted with high pressure water jetting units. These purpose-built units will remove and clear any blockage both quickly and safely.

In most cases the blockage is simply a build-up of fat and grease. Baby wipes, nappies and other sanitary items can also cause problems all of which will easily be cleared by a simple rod through and follow up hydro jet wash enabling the drain in question to return to flowing freely.

All top ground and drain covers accessed will then be sanitized using environmentally safe chemicals.

Please note on arrival of any call out we are unable to lift any drain cover or manhole if deemed already damaged by our engineers on arrival.

De scaling and Root ingress

Common problems also include a build-up of scale over time which can be removed with a descaling tool.

Root ingress is when a tree or shrubs root has penetrated through a drain joint or even cracked the pipe filling the pipeline with roots thus causing a blockage.

This would require the use of our root cutting tools to cut and clear the roots away from inside the pipe.

A final jet wash would then be performed. However further drain repairs would almost certainly be required in order for the drains continued use which our engineer can talk through any options and costings involved.

Drain Repairs

MDS offers a full drain repair service whether you require a non-invasive no dig drain re-lining or a full drain excavation and replacement.

Our experienced engineers will discuss any and all options available to you and provide a fully written quotation, outlining a schedule of works and the costs involved.

Repairs can be carried out on plastic, pitch fibre or traditional clay pipe.

Repairs we offer include:

  • Drain re-lining
  • Cracked pipes
  • Root ingress
  • Drain excavation
  • Patching

Chemical Cleaning and Disinfecting

MDS offer a fast, safe and environmentally friendly chemical cleaning and disinfecting service.

If you need any help cleaning or disinfecting any areas of your environment from harmful or hazardous situations then get in touch today

Drain responsibility

In October 2011 the government transferred ownership of some private sewers to the statutory water and sewage companies. Leaving homeowners no longer responsible for:

  • Any section of their properties drains that lie outside the property boundaries.
  • Private sewer that is shared with another property.

The householder still retains responsibility for any drain serving their property located within their boundary line.

The position of the actual blockage in the pipeline is sometimes hard to locate. We can help you confirm this and advise you accordingly if responsibility lies with your local authorities who can then be contacted and will finish the job with no cost to you.